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Interactive Print


Berkshire Labels, always keen to embrace new technology have partnered with www.linkz-im.com to realise interactive print on our labels.

By embedding a unique digital watermark into the artwork you can turn print into a mobile interactive experience.

Linkz is a smart-phone app that gives our customers a quick and low cost way to activate printed material, link it to digital content and increase consumer response rates.

Consumers can access a wide variety of mobile digital content including recipe info, coupons, and entry to competitions, reviews, video and links to social media.

Behind complex technology the concept is simple and provides three main benefits; a campaign can be extended to become bigger than the printed page; recipients can interact with live, real time data through a multi-media experience and for the first time brands can analyse and measure response, activation and even location.

Quick and easy, interactive campaigns up and running in under an hour
● Cost effective
Invisible, no ugly QR codes
● Reliable, fast scanning with no ‘false positives’
Location and activity tracking

● Free App from Apple and Google Play

We have also worked with www.blippar.com to realise augmented reality on Purity Soft Drinks own soft drinks brand www.juiceburst.com.


Engage with your consumers for longer
Attract, retain and engage with consumers through an immersive experience. Through one app, Blippar becomes the lens through which the real world can be spontaneously ‘unlocked’ and converted into content-rich, interactive experiences.

Reach out to your customers everywhere
Blippar brings the static, physical world to life – whether at home, in-store or on the go.

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