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If you are looking to use self-adhesive labels for promotional purposes then look no further than Berkshire Labels, we stand out from the crowd and we will help you do the same.

We can recommend eye-catching materials that enhance the impact of promotional labels, from metallic to fluorescents, holographic through to textured self-adhesive materials.

Our Digital and UV Flexography presses provide a wide range of finishes that can enhance their functionality and durability including fluorescent inks, lamination, back printing, coupon and piggy back techniques.

Our full in-house capabilities provide us with the flexibility to print short run, multiple sort’s right through to larger volume requirements of promotional labels.

The opportunities afforded by our HP Digital Press’s continue to evolve for promotional labels by embracing personalisation, versioning and target specific campaigns.

Interactive print has also added a new dimension to promotional communication. Berkshire Labels have worked on many interactive label projects with www.linkz-im.com and www.blippar.com to bridge the gap between traditional print and digital media.


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