Our sustainable portfolio has been carefully considered, meeting one of more of these sustainable fundamentals; responsibly sourced, recycled content, recyclability, compostable and reduce.

Berkshire Labels are FSC® C139200 certified. The FSC® certification ensures that products come from well-managed forests which provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.


COATED PAPER Save natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint with our paper labels containing either 30% or 100% recycled content

FSC® certified Coated Paper with a semi-gloss finish

No impact on converting or printing performance

DIRECT-THERMAL An uncoated direct thermal label made with recycled content, offering greater sustainability with zero trade-offs in printability, appearance and barcode readability.

15% recycled content, including post-consumer waste

FSC-certified and BPA-free

Reduced carbon footprint

PREMIUM ALTERNATIVES Add another dimension to your sustainability story with labels made from a combination of recycled post-consumer waste and grapes, citrus fruit or barley leftover from beverage and food production.


PE Made with recycled material, available in 30% recycled or 100% recycled versions. Recycled PE delivers a label that doesn’t force you to choose between sustainability and functionality.

30% made with post-consumer waste

100% includes post-consumer and post-industrial waste

91% less fossil material and 42% less energy than virgin PE

PP Build circularity and reduce your carbon footprint without losing functionality. Consisting of up to 99% post-consumer waste, recycled PP is a more sustainable solution that looks, prints and behaves just like conventional polypropylene labels.

Uses 90% less fossil fuel, 75% less water and 62% less energy

Fewer associated carbon emissions


Meet consumer demand, emerging regulations and your own sustainability goals with film labels made from bio-circular content.

Designed for rigid packaging, Bio-based PP looks and performs like conventional PP, but with less fossil fuel and 9% less GHG emissions. Bio-based PP is made with biological by-products from other production processes, so no food crops are displaced to produce it.


We actively promote the circular economy by allowing customers to return used packaging for refilling or repurposing. For example, our cold wash-off labels are easily removable to make reuse easy.

The CleanFlake portfolio is designed specifically for labelling and recycling of PET bottles and containers. The labels adhere to the PET product until the very end of its life cycle, when at the recycler the label and adhesive release cleanly from the PET flakes.

No residual adhesive remains in the water or on the PET which could contaminate, discolour or otherwise diminish the rPET value.


Berkshire Labels offer paper and filmic labels made with less material and fewer natural resources. Allowing you to reduce environmental impact while increasing efficiency and productivity, because more labels on a roll mean fewer roll changes, saving you time.

Reduced carbon footprint

Reduced storage, transportation and disposal costs

Increased operations efficiency and productivity


Our compostable label product portfolio is EN13432 approved and certified by the FSC®.

The EN13432 standard is the internationally recognised benchmark for the industrial compostability of biodegradable products. Producers wishing to use compostable packaging will finally be able to enjoy the efficiency benefits offered by labelling.

Please feel free to call us on 01488 683628 to discuss your sustainable objectives, we are here to help provide you with the right solution.

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