Our green journey began in earnest with the development of BioTAK®, an exclusive range of compostable self-adhesive labels derived from sustainable resources certified to EN13432, the European Industrial Compostable Standard.


Our environmental credentials are impressive. With a continuous focus on green initiatives, our expansive achievements drive us forwards whilst ensuring we provide sustainable solutions along the way, underlined by our ISO 14001 certification.


We have sustainable label solutions to compliment all packaging designs which cover recycled content, enable recycling, compostability and the reduction of material.

We are FSC® C139200 certified.


We set many short term and long term initiatives which all contribute to our ongoing sustainable program. These are proudly demonstrated below along with our green awards.


      Berkshire Labels were delighted to have reached the semi finals for Barclays Commercial Bank Green Leaders in Business Awards 2008.

      The awards recognised those companies who used pioneering processes or new sustainable technology, products or services to help beat climate change and, crucially increase their profitability.

      Barclays Commercial Bank marketing director, Richard French said at the time “we hope the success of Berkshire Labels will inspire other medium companies to find innovative ways of doing business that will build a new economy which is both realistic and sustainable.

      Working in industries typically associated with waste and environmentally harmful practices, Berkshire Labels are responsible for revolutionising the way we think about saving our planet”.


      BioTAK®, developed and launched by Berkshire Labels continues to evolve to meet consumer demand for sustainable packaging.

      The exclusive range of compostable self-adhesive labels are derived from sustainable resources and fully certified to EN13432, the European Industrial Compostable Standard.

      The standard requires a compostable material to have the following characteristics – 90% biodegradation within 6 months, 90% disintegration within 12 weeks and the absence of negative effects during the composting process.

      The exclusive range is coated with BioTAK® S100 permanent adhesive, a water bourne PSA based on a specially modified acrylic co-polymer.

    • Bio4Life BV PARTNER

      Bio4Life BV, specialists in compostable and renewable materials partnered with Berkshire Labels in April 2012 to bring new levels of development and commitment to Sustainable Adhesive Products (SAP) Limited.

      SAP was founded in 2006 by Paul Roscoe to develop the world’s first compostable pressure sensitive adhesive.

      The BioTAK® S100 pressure sensitive adhesive conforms to EN13432 and is coated onto all of the face materials offered within the BioTAK® range.

      The overall knowledge and understanding that Bio4Life already has with compostable materials will ensure that BioTAK® remains a world leader in the compostable market place.

      For a complete overview of Bio4Life visit www.bio4life.nl


      Working strategically with our largest self adhesive material supplier delivered a sustainable alternative by moving away from polystyrene to card roll chocks.


      As the largest manufacturer of sticker sheets in the UK we were able to reduce our cardboard consumption by over 5 tonnes per annum by simply presenting the sheets unboxed on custom pallets.

      Perfectly presented sheets, easier and quicker to handle for the customer and a reduction in packaging.


      The introduction of digital printing at Berkshire Labels has delivered a number of environmental benefits including reduced print waste, no UV curing, solvents or plates required and a huge contribution towards obsolete stock. It also supports many eco-certified substrates as well as environmentally friendly primers, varnishes, and adhesives.

      Our HP Digital Indigos house an imaging oil recycling scheme that enables a reduction of approximately 50% in consumption and waste.

      The HP Indigo press has received the Green Leaf Mark from Intertek; one of the worlds leading independent certification and testing companies.


      BioTAK®, developed by Berkshire Labels won Environmental Innovation 2008 at the Flexotech International Print and Innovations Awards.

      The judges commented, “Many of the entries in this category had a good argument for having environmental credentials. However, in the opinion of the judges this entry was a worthy winner”.


      All of Berkshire Labels water taps are now fitted with flow restrictors. This has dramatically reduced the flow from twenty-five litres a minute to a mere four litres.


      Berkshire Labels became FSC Certified in December 2017.


      In 2011 Berkshire Labels were recipients of a Green Apple Award having been recognised as one of Britain’s greenest companies. Berkshire Labels competed nationally against 500 other nominations for this award and were thrilled to accept the award at the House of Commons.

      A donation was made on Berkshire Labels behalf to the Green Earth Appeal whose plantings contribute to the Billion Tree Campaign, a worldwide tree planting initiative facilitated by the United Nations Environment Program.

      The Green Apple Awards are very established as one of the major environmental recognition schemes, both in the UK and internationally.


      Our green journey began in earnest with the development of BioTAK®, sparking a genuine passion to make environmental progression the backbone of Berkshire Labels and so began our alter ego ‘The Green Label Company’.

      …..and from one tiny seed The Green Label Company website was born to demonstrate all of our proactive contributions and ongoing commitments to a green future. We believe this stands us apart from others and has added real substance behind The Green Label Company moniker.

      You are now on the latest incarnation of our sustainable site, thank you for taking an interest.


      The Green Mile, a green initiative launched by Berkshire Labels to all its employees in 2010. Our objective is simple, to encourage employees to use their cars less and walk or cycle to work if possible.

      Our commitment is also simple; any individual that walks or cycles to work will be financially rewarded for each day they partake in the scheme.


      In 2011 we commissioned a heat recovery programme to greatly reduce our gas and energy consumption within our production facility.

      Through a very clever extraction and piping system we were able to recover the heat generated from our presses and redistribute the heat throughout specific areas of the building.

      This resulted in a six and a half ton reduction in CO2.


      In 2009 the investment of in-house folding equipment for our sticker sheet portfolio reduced our transport footprint by approximately 20,000 miles per annum.

      This equated to a reduction of 8 tons of Co2 per annum.


      We became ISO14001 certified in July 2007; it is the complete backbone of our sustainable programme and foundation of our environmental management system.


      Berkshire Labels started rolling out it’s LED lighting replacement plan during the extension of our warehouse programme. Further LED lighting has been implemented in our new production office facilities, studio and additional units.

      In 2020 we continued with the removal of the fluorescent lighting system throughout our offices, converting everything to LED lighting.
      This achieved a saving of 3.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, and an electricity saving of 14,697 kWh per year.

      LED is revolutionising the lighting world because of its low power consumption, reliability and its long lifespan.

      We are committed to implementing this lighting technology in every future build, extension or refurbishment. 


      In partnership with London Bio Packaging, Berkshire Labels were extremely proud to supply compostable labels as part of the sustainable packaging programme for the London 2012 Olympics.

      The London 2012 food vision scheme centred around five core schemes – environmental management, resource efficiency and waste being one of these.

      London Bio Packaging www.londonbiopackaging.com is a leading supplier of compostable and recycled packaging to the food and catering industry.


      We have been members of the UK Compostable Packaging Group (UKCPG) since it was set up in 1998.

      The Group has since joined with the NNFCC who have a very clear agenda in promoting compostable packaging and offers help and guidance to all its members. NNFCC is a leading international consultancy with expertise on the conversion of biomass to bioenergy, biofuels and biobased products.

      Our award-winning consultancy helps industry solve complex business challenges and provides vital evidence for policy makers.

      For more information about the NNFCC visit www.nnfcc.co.uk


      With the assistance of our UV Flexo ink supplier we increased the container size of our CMYK inks and varnishes from 5kg pots to 200kg reusable containers. This reduced approximately 1000 kgs of plastic per annum on our ink containment.

      In 2021 we took a step further by introducing ink barrels, further reducing the number of reusable containers once again.

      It also reduced the amount of deliveries required to our site, which has had a positive impact on our carbon footprint.


      Berkshire Labels Limited has always had complete in-house plate making facilities; however this technology was always reliant on solvents and did not best fit with our sustainable objectives.

      However in 2008 as part of our continuous investment programme new developments in this technology gave us the platform to invest in a Cyrel Fast Thermal system. It delivered the perfect compliment of improved efficiencies and quality and a completely solvent free plate making system, clean and free from emissions.


      In 2008 our extended warehouse build was commissioned to include sufficient skylights that allowed natural light to illuminate the interior during daylight hours rather than electrical lighting.


      Berkshire Labels have partnered with North West Waste Consultants to convert approximately 98% of our generated waste into SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel).

      SRF is a solid fuel prepared to demanding UK & EU standards from non hazardous wastes, to be used as an energy source. With limited fossil fuel resources combined with the fight against climate change, solid recovered fuels represent a real alternative to traditional fuels.

      SRF is a source of energy that’s not subject to the price volatility of fossil fuels and is eligible for various green certifications (Renewable Obligation Certificates) in the United Kingdom. SRF’s also help:

      Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)
      Burning of the so-called “biogenic” fraction of SRF, rich in organic carbon, has a neutral impact on climate change.

      Preserve natural resources
      The Mechanical Recovery Treatment (MRT) plants are designed to extract all recyclables materials first then recover the remaining residual waste to produce high spec fuel. SRF is used to power various heat treatment plants, including cement factories, heating plants, industrial furnaces, etc.

    • 10:10 SCHEME

      In 2009 Berkshire Labels signed up to the 10:10 project. It’s aim: To unite the UK around one goal – cut our carbon by 10% in 2010.

      We fell slightly short of the 10% target but were still delighted to achieve an 8% reduction in our CO2 output across the whole of our business.