Publishers or licence owners looking to create a premium sticker sheet will often pursue a holographic material option.

The range of holographic patterns available to us is extensive with over 100 different patterns to choose from.

Berkshire Labels offers expert guidance to ensure you get the very best results from your holographic sheet, subtly using the patterns as part of the artwork rather than a common tendency to cover it completely with as much ink as possible.

We can manufacture holographic sticker sheets in any shape, size and colour that you desire, single sided or double sided, flat or folded.

Berkshire Labels deliver into all of the UK’s magazine printers and finishing houses on a weekly basis.

We understand the importance of perfectly presented sheets and are often complimented on the care and diligence taken by our finishing department.

All sticker sheet materials intended for the children’s market have been certified to the European Toy Standard EN71 Parts 1-3.

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