Vinyl sticker sheets are a more popular choice for the car, extreme sports, gaming and music titles.

The brand owners and customers take their stickers very seriously and desire longevity and a quality product, as Berkshire Labels do too.

Whether you require clear vinyl or white vinyl, peelable or permanent adhesive we will advise you on the right solution to suit the end application.

Foiling, screen and holographic laminates are extremely popular choices to add premium enhancements to our vinyl sticker sheets.

Lightfast inks and UV lamination protection are also second nature to us in aiding the longevity of your finished sheet.

We can manufacture vinyl sticker sheets in any shape, size and colour that you desire, single sided or double sided, flat or folded.

Berkshire Labels deliver into all of the UK’s magazine printers and finishing houses on a weekly basis.

We understand the importance of perfectly presented sheets and are often complimented on the care and diligence taken by our finishing department.

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