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Project D – Drink Differently and Label Uniquely


Following a recent install of our new Digicon 3 with full embellishments and a 3rd HP Indigo WS6800 investment into the business we had started communicating our new ideas and product offerings to existing and potential new customers.

We had been speaking with one of our designer contacts Will Parr, of Will Parr Studios, who was working on a brief for a new Organic Wine Brand, based in The Netherlands.


The brand owner was looking for something new and completely unique plus an individual approach. We showed them some previous work that encompasses HP Mosaic’s software demonstrating how each label could be unique in design. The designer wanted to see how we could create something that had never been done before, making a unique and stand out new product which captured the brand owners personality.


Our strategy was to completely push the envelope of technology and include some high level quality embellishments. We wanted to take the available technology and push it to its limits.

Implementation and Creativity

Following some input from ourselves the designer came up with a concept and some initial seed files which allowed us to have a play and provide a proof of concept. The centre logo on the label design had been designed in such a way that it demonstrated 4 layers. We had an idea that we could use our mosaic software on each layer to create 4 unique layers and a “quadruple mosaic” design that has never been tried before.  We also suggested a unique sequential numbering of each label to enhance the individuality of each product and truly allow the customer to appreciate they are purchasing a 1 off product.  Tactile Silk Screen and Foil Blocking was also added to enhance the quality of the brand and the label.  A High Quality Wine Grade substrate was also selected for the job.

Results and Evaluation

Following a successful proof of concept the full artwork and seed files were created and supplied to us. We then had to arrange the layering in order of wine type e.g. Red layer on Top for the Red Wines etc. We then had to RIP 80,000 unique images and sequential numbers in order to get it through to the Indigo press.

The finished result is a unique and one of a kind new wine range that truly captures the individuality and personality of the brand owner whilst delivering a high quality feel to a new range of organic wines.

This finished result has been a perfect example of a collaboration between a brand owner being open to new ideas and technology, a designer looking to explore new techniques and an innovative label printer looking to bring all of this together and deliver a stunning unique new design.