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Punk Box and Dragons Den

As big fans and supporters of Punkbox, it was great to watch founders Shaun and Martin pitch their imaginative play with stickers and the reuse of packaging business to the formidable dragons over the Easter weekend.

Berkshire Labels worked with the guys from the inception of their business, supplying sticker sheets for the various interactive packs they provide, all available to purchase from www.punkboxtribe.com/shop

It’s the oldest insight in the world; give a kid a cardboard box and they’ll show you a world of possibilities. Add in a few stickers, some colouring in and a little bit of imagination and hours of fun are guaranteed.

Why not take all of that waste packaging filling our hallways and make more of it, re-use and transform, and thats exactly what Shaun and Martin have done. Created a brand that will engage children in an imaginative world of hands on play and transform that cast off packaging into cool stuff.

Although Shaun and Martin didn’t secure any investment from the dragons, Berkshire are still very much ‘in’ and behind a great idea which certainly right now could help parents provide alternative ways of entertaining and interacting with our bored children!

images and copy used by permission of Punkboxtribe