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Award Winning Designs

We’re delighted to hear that our friends at BD Creative have recently picked up 3 awards at the Drinks International Wine Design Challenge 2017.

Their Design for Cabernet of Curiosities picked up Silver for ‘Best New Wine Design’ and a trophy for ‘Best Copywriting for a wine label’.

Printed digitally onto an uncoated stock with clear hot foil, embossing and a fluorescing UV varnish. The label tells a short tale of a strongman who wanted to be a ballerina; the strongman’s wishes come true with the sudden appearance of a tutu under a fluorescing UV light.

BD Creative also picked up a Silver medal in the ‘Best Design for Sparkling wine’ category for their Hindleap labels which were also printed by Berkshire Labels.  The design beautifully combined digital, hot foil, embossing and spot varnish combinations. It came as no surprise for this label to be recognised as award winning.