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BioTAK ‘takes part’ in the London 2012 Olympics

In partnership with London Bio Packaging, Berkshire Labels are extremely proud and delighted to be supplying BioTAK, our compostable label range

as part of sustainable packaging programme for the London 2012 Olympics.

The London 2012 food vision scheme centres around five core schemes – environmental management, resource efficiency and waste being one of these.

BioTAK®, developed by Berkshire Labels are a range of compostable self adhesive labels based on renewable and replenishable resources all certified to EN13432, the European Industrial Compostable Standard www.biotak.co.uk

London Bio Packaging www.londonbiopackaging.com is a leading supplier of compostable and recycled packaging to the food and catering industry and a perfect partner to Berkshire Labels and our green commitment.