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End to end efficiency with new HP WS6600 and In-line Digicon

As Berkshire Labels continue its accelerated growth and dominance within the digital label market we are thrilled to announce our latest digital implementations. The arrival of the latest HP Indigo WS6600 with in-line finishing from AB Graphics will provide us with complete end to end efficiency.

The latest Digicon is specified with the very latest automation offerings.  These include automatic die loading and unloading, automated slitting, and electronic i-score back slitting and a jdf job file drives the entire line.  Lean manufacturing principles and automation are high on Berkshire Labels agenda, and these recent installations fulfil this by stripping out previously required processes, offering single pass production with one operator in control of printing and finishing.

In addition using the very latest colour management tools from Esko, Berkshire Labels have automated and simplified our workflows enhancing these efficiencies and providing complete colour management.

The HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press is the most the most productive digital solution in its class; the press delivers the industry a€™s highest crossover point in narrow-web production vs. flexo for the vast majority of self adhesive label requirements.

HP Indigo’s superior liquid electroInk technology is the only digital colour printing process that matches gravure printing.  It provides the widest digital colour gamut using up to 7 ink stations on press, allowing Berkshire Labels to meet even the most stringent corporate branding requirements.

With high resolution printing and perfect registration HP Indigo can achieve up to 97% of the PANTONE® color gamut using on-press simulations.  The Indigo’s one shot colour technology achieves accurate, repeatable printing. All colour separations are laid down simultaneously in a single pass on the substrate, creating perfect colour to colour registration.

The press offers unmatched application flexibility, enabling Berkshire Labels to produce a wide range of self adhesive and unsupported film solutions.

Berkshire Labels can boost your sustainability by switching production from conventional to digital technology.  The HP Indigo Digital Press has received the Green Leaf Mark from Intertek; one of the worlds’ leading independent certification and testing companies. It also supports many eco-certified substrates as well as environmentally friendly primers, varnishes, and adhesives.