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Lean Manufacturing from Berkshire Labels – New Investment

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We are now taking the know-how, smart thinking and lean management skills that we have acquired in digital printing and applying them to flexo,’ said managing director Paul Roscoe, when asked why he has just invested in a new Mark Andy flexo press. He continued, ‘We have customers that require both digital and flexo print, in fact the majority of them do, while many others are simply not interested in which print technology we use, as long as we deliver the high quality they ask for’.

We now want to push ourselves to the next level of flexo printing.’ The Performance Series P7 Mark Andy, installed in December last year, has kicked off a major investment programme designed to apply the principles of digital to conventional print and standardise the output across the factory in order to meet the demands for fast turnaround, high quality and agile, lean production. The 430 mm wide machine is equipped to print unsupported filmic materials at speeds above 200 m/min, with quick changeovers and minimal downtime.

It joins three Mark Andy presses and an Edale Alpha, as well as two HP Indigos and a host of ABG finishing kit, including a new SRI Omega converting machine with 100% Fleye Vision inspection control, and a Karlville seamer for producing shrink sleeves. ‘We are aiming for a world class, lean production process where the preparation of the print job has been pushed upstream to pre-press and repro. We don’t want to make ready on press, we simply assemble the job and print,’ said Mr Roscoe, pointing to a trolley next to the new press where all the componenets for the next job are already sitting loaded and waiting their turn.

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